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we went to go see talledaga nights. it was funny. 
until he tried to do that sneak-arm move. 
he paid for dinner and i paid for movie tickets. 

then we just walked around as friends and hung out at the apartment. which was pretty cool.
and then we discussed how i didn't want a relationship
but he was talking to me about the positive side of having a "friend with benefits".
but what i say goes. and i say friends. 
(he likes flob, and he smokes and his favorite band is disturbed)


im so on for tomorrow. (look ma! i'm posting!)

Aug. 4th, 2006

zomg. the concert on wednesday was awesome. amazing. fulfilling. great. 
my highlights: the dresden dolls (she was way hot man), and plates' gyrating, brendon on the floor, and all of the P!atd. duh.

i bet no one else danced by us cause they knew we would totally beat them with our awesome choreography. good job guyz *high five*

we just payed $10 bucks to hangout. ohwellz. it was still fun. i'm eating for two now. so um...let's go eat at roscoe's.

(i tried to tell my dad about how girls are starting to learn baseball teams cause patrick wears their shirts, but he didn't think it was funny. he can definetely not replace you guyz.)

i can't find the panic!pix in ana's fotobucket. :( 

<3 to you guyz.

Do or do not. There is no try.

I really wish I didn't have to sleep. Don't think that I'm saying that because I have bad time management skills. 
It's just that I would have a lot more time to space things out.
And manage my time between school and my new hobbies that I would pick up.

Feb. 26th, 2006

the weekend was good.
the end of this week should be better gooder.
especially with friday.

can my mood change in a couple of hours?
i'm on a mini high cause my chem hw is done till freakin wednesday.
yess. oh yeah. i have a chem midterm next week. >_<
maybe this weekend i can finally bake my long awaited carrot cake.
(or maybe study like i'm suppose to)
sorry geelard. no cake for you.
i'm definetely looking forward to this saturday.

Feb. 23rd, 2006

i just made some mashed potatoes.
g-lard is to twinkies and donuts as i am to mashed potatoes.
i miss my ed templeton stuff. i hope it's doing ok.
i slept in through discussion today.
buts its ok. i can make up for it on friday.
__loose lips sink ships__